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The Try-On Sessions X ‘Cherlyn’ with Anika Walker

The Try-On Sessions X ‘Cherlyn’

Well hello, welcome back to our very first episode of the Try-On Sessions for 2021.
Finally getting back into the swing of things here & I’m excited for what’s coming up in the months ahead.

I have a fab new fashion start-up to introduce you to today Cherlyn straight outta my hometown, Melbourne.

Nicha the designer has started small with just a handful of pieces in her opening collection. Nicha has a clear focus on providing sustainable fabrics, with all pieces made from 100% organic grown cotton. Plus I haven’t even told you the prices yet 🙌🏼 for handmade dresses 👗 the prices are ridiculously affordable.

I can’t wait to share this session with you, Cherlyn is feminine, classic with a boho edge, plus as you’re about to discover, perfect pieces all year round.

Enjoy this Aussie designed goodness 👏🏼
Anika Walker
@Style_squad_Club x